Silver Circle’s Rebel of the Week: YAL’s John Jones

John Logan Jones is a retired American serviceman with top secret clearance who served in the American Air Force from 2005 to 2009 as an Afghan-Pashtu linguist and intelligence specialist.  He has since then come out in support of Wikileaks and the free flow of information as well as taking up a number of libertarian causes like sound money and a Paulestinian reading of the Constitution, and has worked with groups such as Young Americans for Liberty. (He’s also a big fan of Silver Circle!)

Last week a post of his entitled “I am a US Air Force Intelligence Veteran of the War in Afghanistan and I support Wikileaks,” from his blog “Crushing Bastards,” made the front page at and earned him 22,000 unique viewers, many of whom were subsequently exposed to other libertarian ideas.  For this effort and his courageous and credible stance in favor of an open society, John Logan Jones is Silver Underground’s Rebel of the Week. He states:

I volunteered to protect this country under the impression that my government followed the will of the American People and adhered to the US Constitution. As it turns out, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were never constitutionally declared and despite public opinion being against the two wars they continue to grow more destructive. My experiences in these wars differed greatly from the propaganda the American people were sold by America’s mainstream media outlets; many times I would return from a mission to see wild inaccuracies being reported on Fox/CNN/MSNBC about the very operation I had just been supporting. Wikileaks has helped shine light on the true nature of these illegal wars and the policymakers that perpetuate them, for this I am thankful.

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