Silver Saves You from B.O. and Inflation!

While reading this article from Richard Daughty, I came across some strange humor as well as some strange facts. Due to increased use of silver for hygenic purposes and RFID production, demand for the metal is likely to rise dramatically in the near future.

You know what this means, right? Basic economics:  When demand increases, so does the price. Richard does not beat around the bush when he says to buy the precious metals and buy them now — or when inflation hits you will pay.  The coming inflation, he notes, is the result of the Federal Reserve’s irresponsible manipulation of our money supply.
So die now, or die later after a lot more suffering, as that is your choice, thanks to the irresponsibility and sheer idiocy of the Federal Reserve, and that thanks to being allowed to be that way by a corrupt, ignorant, and fiscally stupid Congress, made possible by the corrupt, traitorous Supreme Court in 1934 when they ruled that the dollar did not have to be made only of silver and gold like the Constitution of the United States says it must, and the dollar could be a mere fiat currency, a decision upheld by every Supreme Court ever since!
Too bad we aren’t living in the Silver Circle’s rebel community…
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