Sinclair’s Fall Recruitment Drive

In the beginning, I had my doubts about how our recruitment efforts were going to play out this semester. With only three active members and a few other supporters, we knew we had a rough road ahead. Little did we know how much support was just ahead! After a continuous effort for a strong Recruitment Drive and a few supporters (who sought us out), our growth so far this semester shows how much people on our campus care about liberty.

OPH Welcome Day

We started by tabling at our Student Government’s Welcome Day Carnival, on August 20. We wanted a way to be able to reach as many students as possible. So we decided to use the Operation Politically Homeless kit, provided by The Advocates. This tool helps attract attention when used at busy events. It seemed like the more people taking the quiz, the greater the number of people who wanted to see what was going on around our table increased.

OPH Welcome Day2

We had hoped for this kind of effect and prepared by having plenty free water to give out (worked great considering it was in the 90s with high humidity!) and by reserving extra table space (cheaper than buying a dozen clipboards). The extra table space gave us a chance to lay out all sorts of resources that people would see while they were taking the quiz. We displayed a variety of resources from:

  • Young Americans for Liberty
  • Students for Liberty
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy
  • Foundation Economic Education
  • CATO Institute
  • Anti-war
  • Atlas Society

OPH Welcome Day2

Our final tally of surveys showed:

  • 31 Libertarian
  • 14 Liberal
  • 11 Centrist
  • 5 Conservative
  • 2 Statist
  • 11People fell on the border-line between 2 or 3 different categories

OPH Welcome Day3

OPH Welcome Day4

OPH Welcome Day5

OPH Welcome Day6

OPH Welcome Day7

OPH Welcome Day8

OPH Welcome Day

OPH Welcome Day

OPH Welcome Day9

OPH Welcome Day

OPH Welcome Day

OPH Welcome Day

OPH Welcome Day10

OPH Welcome Day11

OHP Welcome Day12

The response we got from everyone was amazing. With 33 new sign-ups, we were hoping to have a great follow-up meeting. We told everyone we talked to about our meeting, about the free pizza, and how we would have an open discussion about our organization and Liberty in general. We gave out pamphlets, flyers, and palm card; all with information about who we are and how to contacts us. We thought we were going to have a huge turnout for our first meeting, but when we started making our follow up calls and emails, we started to notice a trend. The majority of our sign-ups could not make the meeting…

Even still, we went with our initial plans and had our meeting the follow Monday, August 26. In total we had 15 people attend our meeting, some of them members and others coming to check us out. Our meetings started with a short meet and greet session, as we all congregated of the pizza. This was followed by our Chapter President’s “Welcome to YAL” presentation. After that, we started the “Intro to Liberty” Discussion provided in the Recruitment Drive kit provided by YAL National. The discussion allowed attendees to express their views on what liberty meant to them and allowed them to take an active role throughout the meeting.



meeting 3

Meeting 4

Meeting 5

Meeting 6

It seemed like our Recruitment Drive turned into a continuous effort. Since our first meeting of the semester, we have tabled at multiple events and have new members joining all the time.  Also, we have three members currently campaigning for Student Government Offices. Liberty seems to be a growing trend around our campus!

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