Sinclair’s YAL Host Generation of War with Cost of War Memorial

Cost of War Memorial

Sinclair’s YAL debut activism event struck home with many on campus. Honoring our fallen soldiers showed everyone how we feel about our country’s current foreign policies.

Generation of War Event1

Numerous people stopped to admire our “Cost of War” memorial. For our “Cost of War” memorial, we worked in conjunction with a local artist; Anna Burke. We decide to use the list of names of those who have died display for our artist help create.

Generation of War Event2

Honestly, it was hard for people to walk by without stopping to take a minute to remember what we have sacrificed (and to top it off, our artwork is currently on display in the Veterans Affairs Office). With such a great piece of artwork to display, we could not resist running our “Generation of War” event on March 20, 2013, the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Generation of War Event

Overall, this campaign will be marked as a huge success for our chapter’s first activism. With a dozen or so new sign ups and a generous donation from one of faculty members, we believe we are on the right path to promote liberty around campus. This event also helped draw in enough recruits to fill the remaining number of members in order for our chapter to apply for official school recognition.

Now also let it be said that we had some obstacles to overcome throughout this endeavor. First, March 20 happened to be the “4 year Transfer Fair” at our campus. So we definitely did not reach a good portion of the student body, which was at that event. Then for our follow-up meeting we had a desent turnout and another student organization, “The Traditional Family Values Club” decided they wanted to attend our meeting.

Generation of War Event4

Now some of you can imagine how this meeting could have played out and at times conversations did get heated.  But in the end, we all walked away agreeing that our country’s aggressive nature has to come to an end. Overall, we ended up with 14 new sign-ups to add to the member roster and had a total of 11 people at the follow up meeting.

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