Sky’s the limit for liberty at Skyline College

Today, Skyline’s Young Americans for Liberty began our “Restore the 4th” mission in what appears to be a very successful day for our club. Our club was equipped with students and were easily able to do our “Free Speech” beach ball successfully with the help of our Regional Director Isaac Edikaukas who motivated and helped guide us through what would be our first trigger event. We had so many students coming up to us and writing on our speech ball as well as share their idea’s on civil liberties and why they believe what they believe. Some were very interested in what our club is promoting why others might of not been as fond.

Which brings us to the school’s Student Development Director who presented us with a “Free Speech” permit and asked us to please fill it out next time we would like to outside doing any such events. We did not agree to this and were told by another staff member that, “We will have problems” if we do not. What problems? I don’t know but I know my club and I will continue to fight for freedom of speech and privacy rights that are guaranteed in our Constitution. We have plans to have more due’s paying members by the end of the month and a meeting scheduled for November 1st. We are really excited over here in #YALifornia! Let’s #makelibertywin

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