Sleeping Man Convicted of DUI

As reported on the blog, a Minnesota man was convicted for drunk driving because he was found sleeping in his inoperable car in the parking lof of his own apartment building:

The Supreme Court of Minnesota on Thursday upheld the drunk driving conviction of a man caught asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle that would not start. At 11:30pm on June 11, 2007, police found Daryl Fleck sleeping in his own legally parked car in his apartment complex parking lot. The vehicle’s engine was cold to the touch, indicating it had not been driven recently. The keys were in the center console, not the ignition. Fleck admitted to having consumed around a dozen beers that night.

It sounds much more like he was, in fact, avoiding drunk driving by sleeping, a crime for which he’ll get four years in prison for it.  No doubt this is for his own good (eye roll), for as the judge explained, he was “was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of being in physical control of a vehicle.”  Riiight, because clearly he could have done so much with a car he could only have moved by pushing it.

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