Slippery Rock YAL Protests the Decade-Long War on Terror

The Slippery Rock University Young Americans for Liberty wanted to do an event this semester to show our disapproval of the decade-long War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of the members of our group are very concerned with US foreign policy. Two members, Brandon Cestrone and Steve Strausbaugh were even part of the Liberty Fund foreign policy roundtable discussion at the 2012 International Students for Liberty Conference.

 SRU YAL and the Decade of War display filling the quad.

Early in the semester our group members came up with the idea of having a visual representation in regards to US fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. We decided that filling the quad with small US flags would be an excellent visual representation. Each flag represented two American fatalities in the last decade of war. We purchased 10’’ tall stick flags. To fund the event, we applied for a grant from Students for Liberty.  The process was very easy and allowed us to have a large display of flags.

Thousands of students walked by the display each day since Slippery Rock’s Quad is the center point of the University. The event was documented with an inexpensive HD flip cam donated to the group by a SRU YAL member. Follow this link to find inexpensive flipcams that are great for documenting your events.

3,000 flags fill the quad

In addition to having the flags in the quad, we reconstructed the free speech wall from an event in the fall that encouraged students to exercise their First Amendment rights. This time the wall was dubbed the “Was it Worth it?” wall. Various opinions were written on the wall. Many opinions that were pro-war were from ROTC members and war veterans. This brought about interesting dialogue since many don’t understand the difference between anti-war policy and being anti-soldier.

    "Was it Worth it?"
Overall, the event was a big success. It enabled our group to talk to fellow students about the implications of the wars and corrupt government policy in sustaining the occupations overseas. We tabled in front of the wall for an entire week during common hour and had our usual swag and flyers available for students to learn more about liberty along with flyers for the Decade of War event.

Tabling Swag and Flyers

The event was in numerous local newspapers, including the Butler Eagle and Grove City Allied News.

Grove City Allied News - Front Page

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