Smashing Recruitment

The 31st of August brought the Spring Hill Chapter to the masses at Badger Expo. We met several eager liberty minded people who are looking to make liberty win in south Alabama. Most of whom said they loved liberty when asked. Faculty even showed some interest in our little booth. Teachers from Poli-sci liked we had pocket Constitutions to hand out. We even talked up our upcoming events.

 One thing which really helped was having some big ticket events in place as a way to draw people in. We have a speaker coming to campus next month and being able to talk that up as a perk got people really interested.  As well as talking up a reading group which will discuss whether Jesus was a Socialist. Having something other than the club to sell, that is events, I believe really improved our sign-up rate. Planning these events at YALCON turned into more sign ups! It was a success with 50+ sign-ups at our campus of 1,400.  

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