SMCM Free Speech Homecoming

Young Americans for Liberty of St. Mary’s College of Maryland took to the streets on Saturday to wake up the campus about administrators free speech codes. After having several students sign the free speech ball, I asked them if they hear of any stories that would go against their First Amendment rights; their response was far from what I had expected. One of my fellow Seahawks told us about another student in one of the residence halls that strung up a Trump flag in their window. They acknowledged that they despise the current president and could not believe that these students would hang up “a symbol of hate.” I have to agree, many of the things coming from the white house for the past 20 years only limit our freedom, but a symbol of hate seems a bit far fetched.

After the students signed up to receive our emails and texts, they went on with their day. One of our chapter members knew exactly who they were talking about with the Trump flag, and said that the story got worse than just putting up the flag. Upon further review, I discovered that Residential Assistants told the students to take down the flag, at which point they complied, to only later put it up again. That warranted another visit from the RA, and so forth. After the third time the RA told them to take it down, they finally stepped down and took down their flag. I may not agree with Donald Trump and his policies, but I acknowledge his supporters 1st Amendment rights. But let me ask you this, if Hillary Clinton won, and her supporters raised her flag in their window, would there be the same consequences? Young Americans for Liberty must rise above partisan politics, champion civil & economic rights, and upholding the constitution.

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