“Snowden” Movie Recruitment

The YAL chapter at Arizona State’s latest event was our “Snowden” movie night. I got inspired to do this this when I realized that the movie was to come out in the middle of September, and I immediately thought that this would be a wonderful way to recruit new members. By using money that I was able to acquire from my school, I knew that we could have a night at the movies in order to get people interested in the club. The money that Arizona State gave to my organization allowed me to pay for the movie tickets for everyone that attended.

We tabled for our event on the Monday and Wednesday of the week of our event. I wanted to advertise this event as much as I could. I made posters and sent out an announcement on the Barrett Honors digest. This is an email system used by the Barrett Honors College to send out announcements regarding certain events for our school. Different clubs use this to advertise meetings for their organization. Once I sent that out letting people know that we would be paying the tickets of the first 45 people to RSVP, I instantly got a swarm of emails and text messages for people wanting to attend. This went on for the whole day.

That week was one of the most stressful weeks I ever went through, but it was worth it. Now Young Americans for Liberty at Arizona State has many more potential members. Right before I handed out people’s tickets, I made some announcements letting people know when our next meeting would be. All in all, I thought this event went as wonderfully as it could. I was able to draw more attention to YAL and got a lot of potentially new liberty-minded folks. I recently just sent out announcements for our follow-up meeting, “The Evil of the National Security State” and we know we will have plenty of new members to learn about liberty.

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