So, I Am Not The Only Crazy One

First, I would like to thanks Zachary Hamed for his great article about free speech on campuses.

After doing further research, I have linked my own complaints about political bias in my American government class to a bigger problem. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, colleges in Pennsylvania were under investigation for “liberal indoctrination” :

And to think my government class at Kutztown University was bias. So I am not crazy, it is really going on. In one of my very first blogs here on YAL I talked about how I felt:

I think each and every one of us should be very vocal and aware on our campuses. I am lucky enough to be part of the Libertarian Club (Soon to be YAL chapter), and I will make sure that we try and make sure this is not a problem and we hopefully can get out of the ‘Red’ zone. Everybody needs to do their party, big or small.

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