So now you’re mad at the government?

My column this week at the Daily Caller is a challenge to moderates and moderate conservatives to see that the recent government actions on healthcare are really just one more action in a pattern of government being far too involved in our economy and our lives.

…It seems to me that such (anti-healthcare) protests are fueled by anger at the government for getting involved where they do not belong and passing legislation that could have dire consequences for both our freedom and our economy.

Not to be smug, but I have to ask the obvious question—is this anything new? Firstly, government-led destruction of our health care system has been going on for decades. Obamacare is simply the latest in a pattern of government claiming to solve problems while merely creating new ones and exacerbating old ones. However, health care is far from the only arena where this takes place.

I empathize with those moderate Americans who are livid with the government after this weekend’s events. I hope that the recent health care bill will be a wakeup call to this demographic that our fight against big government cannot be one of pragmatism, but rather must be one of principle. We have to make it clear to our government that we do not need them telling us how to live our lives or intervening in the economy against our will simply because they “know what’s best.” When we are able to rally together and denounce such intervention with one consistent voice, we then will be able to begin rolling back programs like ObamaCare.

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