So You Think You’re a Fiscal Conservative

Are you a fiscal conservative?  If you claim to be a fiscal conservative and support the drug war, then you aren’t really a fiscal conservative. You do not want to save what is in the purse, you want to control the purse. While you may think that you are prudent, you are no different than the spendthrift factions in Washington:

The drug war must be financed by tax dollars. Taxes restrict individual liberty by taking away peoples’ freedom to spend their money on goods and services. Currently the government spends $51 billion annually on the war on drugs. This does not count potential tax revenue that could be raised if drugs were legalized (because that revenue represents a transfer, not a net cost or benefit).

The market cannot be stopped; not here, not in our own prisons — not anywhere.  

Remember, it is immoral — and in this case costly — to let your moral compass dictate the lives of others.

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