It is amazing, as his time in office comes to an end, the level of disdain Vice President Dick Cheney still has for the rule of law, the Constitution, and the American people (or possibly just people in general?).  In an interview on Fox News Sunday Cheney, once again, demonstrated that disdain with the same two letter word he used to dismiss the over two-thirds of Americans who believe the Iraq War was a mistake and should be ended as quickly as possible.  Here is just a small sample from today’s interview that demonstrates Cheney’s utter contempt for America’s principles, values, and citizens:

WALLACE: Mr. Vice President, here’s — here’s my — here’s my…

CHENEY: Second — no, let me — let me finish.

WALLACE: Can I just ask — can I just ask this…


WALLACE: … one question? Because I think it will — it will bring the point in. In the first big test case, which was against Usama bin Laden’s driver…

CHENEY: Right.

WALLACE: … Salim Hamdan, the military jury — in the end, the military jury ended up acquitting him of all the major charges against him.

The government asked for 30 years to life. The judge ended up deciding that he should be released based on time served. The question basically is this. Even the government can get things wrong sometimes.


To his credit, Fox’s Chris Wallace did push Cheney on the idea that government officials may not be as perfect as they purport themselves to be – though, just a few moments later, he did bizarrely compliment Cheney on his honesty as the soon-to-be former vice president lied about Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons program.  That, of course, is the same nuclear weapons program that has been said by both the sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency to be solely in the imagination of the neoconservatives, Israel, and Cheney himself.

It is amazing to see a man that is so seemingly devoid of any semblance of a conscience, go in front of the nation and still spew utter falsehoods that have been proven to be such time and time again and to demonstrate such a contempt for the American people and rule of law he supposedly serves.  It is not surprising, and in many ways expected, to see politicians and other government officials to express a certain level of cynicism.  But Dick Cheney has taken this practice to a level so beyond the pale one must wonder if he truly is the evil caricature derided on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and in political cartoons such as Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury.

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