Social Conservatives Should Broaden Their Views

Too many social conservatives don’t seem to know or care about liberty-related issues in economics and government and the very real effect these issues have on religious and family values. They don’t seem to know the Constitution half as well as they know the Bible, even though they point out that the Constitution was based on the Bible. They also don’t seem to be aware of the effect that political power has on human nature.

For example: many social conservatives thought it was okay to give President Bush unprecedented police state powers to fight a relentless war against radical Islamic terrorism, because they believed that Bush was a Christian conservative. The Heritage Foundation reported that the PATRIOT Act should continue because “it is working.” They didn’t stop to notice all the abuses of power going on around them. I wonder if they are now thinking about how Obama might use the PATRIOT Act against them in their fight against same-sex marriage and abortion.

They also fail to notice the impact that oppressive government regulation and the growing North American Union have on families. As families can no longer afford to live on one income, or even on two incomes, both parents have to work outside the home day and night. “Latch-key children” are everywhere. Regrettably, Obama has his new cabinet stacked with advocates of the North American Union.

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