Social Networking Update for YAL

I am pleased to announce that we exceeded our social communal presence for the launch of YAL – thank you!  Currently, Young Americans for Liberty has a subscription at eleven different networking or aggregation sites and we strongly encourage you to friend us or subscribe to our accounts.  This will serve as one of the best ways for us to quickly disseminate information and more importantly, will virally create awareness about YAL across the Internet.

If you are on Facebook, we need you to join our page, which is where our non-profit designation on Facebook is hosted.  You can become a fan of Young Americans for Liberty by clicking here.

Calling all of MySpace – friend us by clicking here and please post a bulletin, as well as a blog to inform your friends about YAL.

Our other accounts are equally as important, please find us and friend us on these sites:

Facebook group:

We look forward to working with you in the struggle to take back our country and the first step is on the internet.

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