Socialists, Dogs, and Psychedelic Rock at Linfield College

This past Friday I was joined by VP Keifer Smith and Giorgi the Corgi in promoting our new chapter at Linfield College. Giorgi the Corgi, who is a well-known militant socialist and would normally be opposed to Libertarian activism, decided to join me anyways to help support my chapter’s message of unity and to encourage open political discussion despite opposing viewpoints. Even though she constantly begs for free food, she has freedom of speech too.

Overall, the table went well. It was a nice sunny day and we played some good ol’ freedom music from the 60’s while signing up a number of recruits and we will be having our second meeting this Monday on the 20th. We are also in the process of bringing Jordan Peterson here as a speaker for April and are starting discussions with the newfound socialist club on campus to put together collaborative events.

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