Soda Tax NOT Working

Big surprise:  The soda tax isn’t making us (and specifically children and young people) any skinnier.  Someday, perhaps, the government will have to give a tally of how many of its programs improved our lives and how many made them worse.  I can assure you the balance will be tipped strongly toward the latter option.

Of course, CNN doesn’t seem to see the picture either, recommending that the soda tax be replaced with a tax on junk food instead.  Because clearly that will work even though this didn’t. I’d suggest that a far better plan for making American thinner would be for parents to reassume responsibility for raising their children instead of leaving it to the state and actually let kids play outside for once.  Our unhealthy national obsession with security has not only made plane travel obnoxious, it’s also robbing us of our childhoods.  Playgrounds aren’t like they used to be:  They’re safe now, not fun.  

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