Soldier kills self rather than face 9th deployment

A soldier committed suicide rather than be deployed again:

Ashley says her husband Jared tried to come to grips with what he’d seen and done on his eight deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“And there’s no way that any God would forgive him – that he was going to hell,” says Ashley. “He couldn’t live with that any more.”

I understand that progressives and neoconservatives alike will not shed a tear for the dozens of brown-skinned Muslims that are dying everyday in their name (the stage collapse in the Indiana State Fair is garnering more coverage on CNN than the six deaths and 60 wounded that occurred last weekend all across Iraq), but at least they are still moved by the deaths of their own combat troops.

Of course, the connection between soldiers being sent to brutalize and kill foreigners, and the massive psychological damage it incurs within those that must carry out this gruesome task seems lost to the American people, or else they would not be so eager to send their young people to war.

We do not know what kind horrors Jared Hagemann must have seen in his eight deployments to the Middle East, except that he believed that there was “no way that any God would forgive him” for what he has seen and done — and that he took his life rather than continue to participate in this injustice.

This was Hagemann’s antiwar protest, his tragic stand against our endless wars.

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