Some Facts about the Second ‘End of War’ in Iraq

It is too early to celebrate this newest Iraq “withdrawal,” the second in little over a year. Here are some facts:

Although Iraq has not publicly requested American troops remain in the country after 2011, the White House and U.S. lawmakers are open about their preferences for post-withdrawal Iraq. U.S. officials said that the Obama administration would like to see between 3,000 and 5,000 troops remain behind. Some members of the U.S. Congress, however, believe that at least 10,000 Americans would have to stay behind to maintain security. These numbers do not include private contractors and the “private army” that the U.S. State Department is building for its own security.

It is interesting that no one in the corporate media marked the one-year anniversary of the End of War in Iraq, even as they gushed over it the first time.

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