Someone Must Act!

Today’s Boston Globe has an article about how the cost and scarcity of DC hotel rooms is making it harder for many Obamaphiles to attend the upcoming coronation–er, inauguration.

They got their Amtrak tickets. And then they got a sobering lesson in the law of supply and demand: The hotel they contacted was $150 a night on Jan. 16. On Jan. 17, it leaped to $750 a night, with a four-night minimum. “And that’s not even in D.C.; it’s in Virginia,” said Bob Johnston, a partner in The Visterra Group, a management consultant firm.

This got me wondering; how long will it take before the Democrats begin demanding government-mandated price controls for hotels during the inauguration. After all, don’t the poor have just as much right as the rich to see their Glorious Leader?

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