Sometimes When Your College Takes Away Your Table, You Make Your Own

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Our YAL Chapter reserved a table to be used in our campus’ busiest building, G Building. Now my college kept giving me issues with doing political events on campus, but I finally landed a table and I was very excited. That Thursday I brought in my activism kit and was ready to get some tabling done! Well, that did not happen. My college removed the YAL Table and invited a bunch of colleges over for information tables. Now I wasn’t going to just stand around and not get the word of Liberty out there, so I decided I would just stand outside and hand out materials right from the box – until I found a place to set up.

We Stole The Ticket Stand

My college has a ticket stand area outside of the auditorium, so i figured why not set up there? So I put out all of my supplies alongside the YAL Chapter Vice President Benjamin Dube, and we got to work. We sat around and stood around for 3 hours in the least populated building, but still got some signatures down. The best part is, those who signed up promised to spread the word to other buildings. Now another YAL Chapter Leader Krishna Chum met up with me and helped table while our VP headed off to class. Many students were reluctant to even listen which was very saddening, but we did get some results, and we’re ready to get a table; A table they won’t take away from us!

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