South Georgia State College Semester Kickoff

Activism can be a daunting task, especially the first time. But, with a little bit of courage and some great team work, anyone can bring liberty to their campus. That’s the mentality we went in to the SGSC Student Activities Fair with this yesterday.

Our first sign up!

We used simple tactics that were taught at YALCON to make the event a success! We kept the table neat and attractive, we signed folks up from in front of the table, instead of behind it, and we approached folks with a simple and interactive message. Because of this…something happened…WE HAD SUCCESS! We signed up more people than any other club and our table had folks stopping by non stop. Not only did we just get names on a list, we had two guys who expressed their intentions to become official dues paying members!

Our Faculty Advisor, Mr. Flower, has taught everyone! He was an awesome help getting people to the table!

I look forward to building off of this success in weeks to come as we host our first meeting and plan our first event! If we can find success at a small community college in rural South Georgia, anyone can do it! Let’s move liberty forward!

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