Southeastern YAL Quoted in Article on Upcoming Legislative Session

Young Americans for Liberty at Southeastern Louisiana University was mentioned in an article for campus paper The Lion’s Roar on new proposals to lessen marijuana penalties in the upcoming Louisiana legislative session.

The reforms, which would only slightly lessen the fines and potential jail time for offenders, are part of a potential package of drug law reforms the Jindal administration is considering for this year.

“Any step toward reducing criminal penalties for personal drug use is a step in the right direction. We believe the health issue of drug use can best be addressed by treating it as the public health issue it is, not as an issue for the criminal justice system,” said [chapter president Kevin] Dupuy.  “However, even the potential reformed sentences are ludicrously high. If you get caught using marijuana twice, you could still face up to two years in prison.”

We also offered our take on a potential change to Louisiana gun laws, which would allow off-duty police the ability to carry their firearms into an establishment that sells alcohol.

“The person best positioned to decide whether or not to allow patrons with guns into an establishment is the owner. They know their clientele, their area and their risk,” said Dupuy.  “Allowing off duty officers to carry guns into establishments that sell alcohol is a good first step, however allowing control over those decisions to be made by the facility itself should be the ultimate goal.”

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