Sowing the Seeds of Liberty

During involvement fest at University of Maryland, Baltimore County(UMBC), we had some great help from our old members with getting people to sign up. After delivering the word of liberty to the students of UMBC, we filled three and a half of our signup sheets.

We got people to come and talk to us about YAL via our poll of would you vote for Hillary, Trump or the Sweet Meteor of Death, to which the sweet meteor of death won in a land side.

After the involvement fest we set up our first meeting and had a pretty good turnout. Every person that showed up to our meeting was fed up with the republican and democratic parties candidates and wanted to hear what YAL had to offer. We all greeted each other and talked about why we signed up. We ended the meeting with a consensus that the next meeting’s agenda will be showing what each political party/candidate actually stands for.

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