Speak Freely, Learn Freely.


On April 13th, Oklahoma State Chair Rachael Marriott hosted a Facebook live event called “Speak Freely, Learn Freely”, she hosted Alex Staudt, Nathan Berning, and Jeffrey Tucker to talk about students rights to free speech on college campuses. She also made the event more fun by playing cards against humanity throughout the event. The event started with Alex speaking about unconstitutional speech codes on campuses and different ways to combat them, it continued with Jeffrey Tucker educating us about the history of free speech and the reason it is the core value of Libertarianism, the start of free speech fights and the ways it has changed throughout time. The event ended with Nathan talking about how free speech is being stopped on College campuses and what we as students can do about it. In my opinion Jeff tucker was my favorite part of the event because it educated me about the history or free speech, the progress, and what still needs to be done. The event was also broadcasted on facebook live, so anyone can tune in during or after and cards against humanity was a fun way to interact with others that also attended the event. Awesome Job to Rachael for hosting such a successful event, can’t wait for the next one!   

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