Speaking Event @ Northeastern University w/ Becker College


Being the Media Director, I felt it was only natural to accept an invitation at Northeastern to speak about using media to spread the message of liberty on campus. On March 27th, myself and 4 members of the Becker College Young Americans for Liberty made the trek from Worcester to Boston. The only trick was that I didn’t tell them who was speaking. Once we arrived, the surprise that it was me who would be speaking made the trip worth it already.

During the event, I used my time to speak about how I worked with Campus Reform and how it opened my eyes to how effective media is. During my time there I was consistently able to expose bias and censorship on campus, and actually make a difference.

 This effectiveness was not being used by the liberty movement. I explained after that how there are so many resources to help people, like the ones watching, start their own YouTube channels, blogs, news sites, and spread the word. 

I also took the time to explain basic journalism ethics and then talk about what outlets I felt were easiest to start their “brand” on. This event actually led to enough interest that a journalism school was hosted by Campus Reform at Northeastern Campus shortly after. 

Thanks to the hospitality of NE President Aubrey Kenderdine we really put together a great duel chapter event. I highly recommend others look to team up with another campus and do meetings. This can be the result. 

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