Speech Ball at Western Carolina University

On Thursday September 15, Young Americans for Liberty at Western Carolina University carried out our very first free speech activism event. After inflating the giant, eight-foot “speech” ball, we kicked off the event by pushing it down the hill and right into the heart of campus (as a Golden Retriever happily chased it). At first, students did not know what to think of the ball. Many were intrigued, and walked over to see what it was about. The first students to write on it, however, were a few young young ladies who worked at the Hillside Grind, which is a coffee shop across the road from the heart of campus and where we inflated the ball.

Throughout the day, many students approached the ball out of curiosity. Some did not wish to write anything on it, so they quickly went about their way. Many, however, were very eager to write on it. As the day progressed, students wrote everything from religious connotations to political opinions. There were even a few business professors who decided to have a gander. After finding out what we were doing, they begged us to push it into fountain so that they could see what it would do! We promised them that we would do it at the end of the event, so as not to make it hard for the oncoming students to write on it.


The speech petitions went very well. In fact, we ran out! Many students were eager to sign the petitions. Those that did not wish to sign a petition were still usually eager to write speech on the ball. All in all, this was a tremendously effective event. I was very pleased with it, as well as with the help I had. I certainly could not have done it without them!

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