Spending Limits Compared to a “Flat Earth”

I don’t often comment on stories coming out of my own state, but when my State Senator suggests that to believe in spending limits is to believe in a “flat earth” I must draw attention to this ridiculous accusation.

Colorado has recently experienced some budget constraints due to the struggling economy, and the Democratic leadership has hacked away at the fiscal restraints currently in place. Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter signed a bill Wednesday abolishing an 18-year-old limit on general-fund spending. This provision will allow general-fund spending to increase just 6 percent per year and replaces it with a spending increase limit equal to 5 percent of personal income growth.

Then comes the idiotic statement from State Senator John Morse of Colorado Springs:

“In the late 1400s, very few people believed the Earth was round. By the early 1500s, we knew what was going on,” Morse said of the need to convince Coloradans that such change is necessary. “The same thing’s going to happen with this bill … This is a fight for the soul of Colorado and it’s just beginning.”

So…to suggest that by living within our means, and only spending money that we have, is equivalent to stating that the world is flat?

At least the nation will know about the idiots running Colorado after this story gets out.

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