Spending Money We Don’t Have on Things We Don’t Need

Forbes has put together a list of the silliest uses of tax dollars by our government:

  1. $930 Million: On unnecessary printing costs
  2. $175 Million: On an unused monkey house (and other structures)
  3. $112 Million: On fraudulent tax reimbursements to prisoners
  4. $47.6 Million: On streetcar system that runs the same rout as the subway system below it
  5. $15.68 Million: On an unprofitable shooting range
  6. $5 Million: On a three week conference for the Federal Aviation Administration
  7. $4.2 Million: “Duplicative Shuttle Services for Federal Employees”
  8. $3 million: Treadmills for shrimp
  9. $2.5 Million: On a U.S. Census commercial that appeared during the Super Bowl
  10. $2 Million: On a study about posting pictures online
  11. $1.5 Million: On new toilets for Denali National Park
  12. $1.5 Million: On a laundry-folding robot
  13. $1 Million: On a study about baby names

Click here for details on each item.  It is really amazing what dumb ideas manage to get government funding!

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