Spooky Times at Capital U.

Voters descended upon Capital University this past Tuesday and we were waiting for them.  Set up on the campus lawn, we created a make shift civil liberties graveyard in front of the student union building.  Through the generosity of our sponsors and the talent of some of our more artistically inclined members we were able to create a number of excellent tombstones.  The stones covered numerous issues ranging from privacy (under attack by NSA bulk data collection) to smoking on our campus (under attack by our student government). 

Better late than never

The tombstones were a phenomenal hit raised a lot of questions with both students and community members on campus to vote.  After setting up, we were able to connect with a number of politically interested students who had yet to meet us on campus.  The grave yard was great for opening up a dialogue on such important issues that do not normally receive too much air time.  The tombstone that attracted the most attention was that of our right to smoke on campus.  The majority of the student body is currently unaware of the Student Government’s current proposal to ban smoking on Capital grounds so this was a great chance to get the word out. 

The spread

After the event we had our first open social in the chapter’s history.  The first annual YAL-O-WEEN mixer was a great success.  Even though many of our regular members couldn’t attend we hit attendance of over thirty students, most of them new faces!  The event was a hit with great music, great food, great games, and great prizes.  We were fortunate enough to be able to raffle of a Gadsden flag and some great books for those in attendance which went over great. 

The artist  

YAL-O-WEEN was a fantastic event and the start of a great tradition on Capital’s Campus.

Dressed as "America"The Grand PrizeKicking off YAL-O-WEENThe Stones (1)

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