Spread the Seeds of Change

Spread the Seeds of Change Table

We opened the semester here at Georgia Tech with a simple activity. “Spread the Seeds of Change.” In order to attract passers by to our table, we set up various cups listing issues that outlined a few things we support as a club: LGBT rights, school choice, sensible restrained use of the military, 2nd amendment rights, ending the war on drugs, election reform, and lower taxes for everyone. Participants could grab as many provided sunflower seeds as they wanted and distribute them among issues with which they feel strongly.

Spread the Seeds of Change Final Tally

Through this, we were not only able to get an idea of where the campus stands, but we were also able to spark meaningful dialogue. For example, many who came to the table weren’t familiar with the issue of school choice, and this was an opportunity to spread awareness for that.

Overall “Spread the Seeds of Change” is an affordable event to attract students to your table so that you can talk with them about YAL. Though this tabling we were able to collect over 60 emails.

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