Spreading Liberty at Sparticipation

Cherry Lane Field was buzzing on Tuesday for Michigan State University’s club fair. New and existing Spartans alike came together before the first day of classes to browse MSU’s community of over 800 student organizations at the annual Sparticipation event. With thousands of students and hundreds of student organizations in attendance including Young Americans for Liberty, this club fair puts all others to shame.

Our YAL table was hot. We were so busy that we dished out more pocket constitutions in one hour at Sparticipation than we had during all of last year! We were happy to see several students seek us out specifically to learn more about YAL.

While two of us were inside the tent chatting with potential new members, two of us — including Nathan Berning from the Leadership Institute — could be found outside rolling around our massive free speech beach ball. The ball was a huge hit! Gaggles of students joined in on the free speech scribbling. Even the school newspaper noticed the excitement and made sure to interview us.

As a thunderstorm rolled in, the event was forced to a close, but that didn’t stop Nathan and Isaac. Drenched, they rolled the ball around campus until every attendee scurried to shelter. Sparticipation was cut short due to inclement weather, but both the table team and ball team were successful in sparking conversation and securing sign-ups from fellow liberty-lovers. What a great start to the fall semester at Michigan State!

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