Spreading Liberty’s Message: Be there and bring a friend

As I ate lunch with some co-workers, most whom I have seen everyday for over a year, I overheard some typical left vs. right argument on the news behind me.

I ignored it, as I usually do at work — not seeking to make waves with my seemingly apolitical lunch mates. But then, from my left came a 5 minute rant about Syria, Benghazi, and Quantitative Easing…followed by awkward silence. It was awkward, that is, until from my right came a statement of approval.  From there, the floodgates were open as everyone weighed in on their disgust with government overreach.  

My point? It’s not the first person to start something that makes it acceptable and popular. It is the crucial early followers, who demonstrate that what is being said or done is not only acceptable but exciting.  So, when you feel compelled to do something about government overreach, join a movement (like YAL!). Find that fledgling local activist group or assist the local politician who is fighting for limited government.  

The fight against unlimited government has some charismatic leaders; now it needs some outgoing and hardworking followers to spread the movement from Main Street to state capitols to DC.

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