Spreading Sensible Economics to the Students of Indiana University

Here at Indiana University we hit the semester off strong with our Free Markets 101 activism. With the resources provided from YAL National, we tabled inside the largest academic building on campus which created great dialogue with interested students.

While tabling we set up our “Rags or Riches” chart and asked students to guess the correct order of ten countries from most to least economically free. Most students didn’t guess correctly and were intrigued by the correct order. Many people believed that the United States was the most economically free, and were surprised when they learned otherwise. By using this chart we were able to show people the benefits of having a free economy. We collected several new sign-ups and met a lot of new faces.

We followed up the tabling and conversations by inviting everyone to attend our next weekly meeting to learn more about free markets. We prepared a power point which included the foundations of free markets and the benefits that come from it. We used a great video from Learn Liberty to help explain why economic freedom leads to a better life. Overall we had good success while tabling and successfully educated students on free market economics.

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