Spring 2014: Flying by Faster than the Speed of Light

First General Meeting

This semester has been a very hectic one for Kansas State Young Americans for Liberty. We kicked off spring recruitment with the activities carnival the last Thursday in January, where we handed out flyers, copies of Why Liberty and Economics in One Lesson, and YAL “swag” such as bottle openers and pens.

This was followed by a YAL-U style meeting to talk about the basics of what our chapter is planning for this spring. Although the recruitment carnival was a major recruiting event (leading to over half of our members being new attendees this year), we haven’t really had a “recruiting week” — we’ve had a recruiting semester. 

      School Choice Week

After recruitment, the following week (the first week of February), we participated in School Choice Week, where we tabled on campus and asked students to voice their passion for freedom of choice in education. We also handed out some nifty yellow scarves alongside over 100 meeting flyers.


Following recruitment and school choice weeks, K-State Young Americans for Liberty packed up and drove to Washington D.C. with several other Kansas chapters to attend the International Students for Liberty Conference, hosted by Students For Liberty. We participated in several panels, applied for internships through partner organizations, and were even filmed for last week’s edition of Stossel.

After that we started planning for an event that was held yesterday evening at the student union in order to bring awareness of the events taking place in Ukraine and Venezuela to our campus. We posted 60 flyers around town over the weekend and then handed out over seventy more while tabling over the lunch hour yesterday. Attendees watched live footage from multiple sources and then discussed the implications of such events. They also left with candles to burn in honor those harmed as a result of the protests.




That brings us to now. Our chapter essentially has an event taking place every two weeks this entire semester, in some cases (such at the first two and a half months) we have something going on every week to every couple days. We meet every Monday night and table three times throughout the week for recruitment.

This Sunday we’re hosting a Forum for Freedom so that campus leadership from all around the state can come together to discuss best practices for organization. We’re going to be working with FIRE later this semester to better address the red light status of our school’s free speech codes.

We’re also planning on organizing another carpool out of state to one of YAL’s state conventions, will be doing a state-wide charity day with multiple YAL chapters in April (as proposed by Friends University chapter president Karl Watson), and will be attempting to make it down to Pitt State University for a pro-Second Amendment rally before finals.

This is by far the most ambitious semester we’ve ever taken on, but my chapter is rocking it thus far. After all, we’ve got some strong leaders AND mad high-fiving skills!

          High five!

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