Spring 2014 Recruitment Drive @ Cleveland State

Our YAL chapter at Cleveland State University recently did a recruitment drive for the Spring Semester. The event was from 10-3 p.m. in the Student Center ballroom, which was also hosting other student organizations on campus. We had a great turnout of people, including 20 new signups!


Compared to the other organizations on campus, the YAL table definitely stood out. We had pocket Constitutions, pins, and stickers that we passed out. We even put up posters we made from our peace rally event last semester.

We decided to play a game with students to see if they supported liberty. Students took a quiz in which they answered questions related to economic and personal liberty. Here is one student taking the quiz….


Many students were surprised to learn that although they think of themselves as Democrats or Republicans they are more modern and libertarian-leaning than they thought. As more and more students took the quiz, you could see a trend on the political map.


As much as we tried to show people that government is not the solution for everything, we managed to come across one statist. You can’t win them all, I guess, but we made a huge step in bringing awareness to the students of Cleveland State University. We hope that they will think more about their liberties in the U.S. and how important it is to protect them!

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