Spring 2015 at the University of Wyoming

Beginning mid-semester, YAL at University of Wyoming became an officially recognized student organization. We started out by putting up posters advertising the group and testing out tabling. I wrote about this event here:


Shortly after, Abe Alassaf from the Leadership Institute came to help us table and he was awesome! We got over 30 sign-ups in a short time.

Tabling with Abe

We were able to have our first official meeting, which thankfully tuned out well. After a presentation about YAL, we had an extensive conversation about liberty in Wyoming and bounced around ideas of what we could do as a chapter. This event was very encouraging because we finally had a good group of people willing to promote liberty.

First YAL meeting at UW

Incarceration Nation was our first major activism project. We built our jail, but since we live in Wyoming, we had to push our project off a few weeks due to a few feet of April snow. Once the weather was nice again, we setup outside and had a great event. 

Incarceration Nation Table

The jail definitely attracted attention and people were really surprised to learn about the incarceration rate in the US. This is important in Wyoming especially because people here don’t pay much attention to politics. They think of everything as Democrat and Republican, and since Republicans win pretty much everything in Wyoming, people don’t bother to care. Events like this that display the issues are very thought provoking for people in these situations.  

Our full album of photos is available on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/YALWyo

We had a great semester! 

Thanks Young Americans for Liberty!

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