Spring 2015 General Meeting

Last night Young Americans for Liberty @ Broward College held a meeting in the campus library to begin the structural building of the chapter within the Central Campus.

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Plans were made to approach the SGA, a meet up and event schedule was also arranged. Preparations began for the next tabling/recruiting event, and ideas specifically for the school/student body were discussed and began to be planned as well.


Mid way through the meeting, former Libertarian candidate for State House District 100 Omar Recuero came by to check out the liberty scene here in Broward and share some insight.


One of our members asked how his campaign went and from there he began to share the details and also dove into the immense amount of uphill battles that came with running as a 3rd party candidate. He mentioned his future plans, and willingness to reach out and bring whatever he can to the table to support liberty in South Florida. 

Overall, it was good for the new members in the chapter to have a small amount of students share a personalized experience with an individual inside the system fighting to restore liberty in the way he favors the most.

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