Spring 2015 Recruitment Drive report

We finally have been recognized by Northern Illinois University Student Association as an official Young Americans for Liberty chapter! It has been a tough road but it’s been a work in progress. For the Spring recruitment drive I reserved a table in the Holmes Student Center on a Friday and the Tuesday following. I decided to hold a spontaneous table that next Friday in New Hall Community Center.

Recruitment Drive 2

Overall between the events at the Student Center and the dorms we had a total of 8 sign-ups since February. I am disappointed that we received such a low number of people signing up however it is a work in progress and it is still results. One of the biggest reasons that we had such a low amount is I found out the hard way how the Student Center works.

Recruitment Drive 3

Unless you sign up for the bus-turn-around tables months in advance you are placed in the part of the student center where there is not a huge crowd and the people that are around are usually walking through in a hurry. For this reason I will avoid tabling at the Student Center unless I have an opportunity to get the bus-turn-around.

The majority of sign-ups came from the short amount of time that I was in the dorms. This was a spontaneous event, however it worked better than the student center. I followed up with students that signed up by texting them individually. I may be making one more recruitment effort in the next week with someone else from another chapter and am working to get a table at NIU’s Diversity Week event. 

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