Spring at University of Florida

Spring of 2018 has been a busy semester for the University of Florida’s YAL chapter. From restructuring our meeting schedule to planning a conference on net neutrality, our group has been trying some new tactics to increase membership. YAL at UF held the following events last month:

GBM 1: School Choice Week

Movie Night: Ghostbusters

GBM 2: Cryptocurrency

Movie Night: Mazerunner

Our general body meetings this month had a lower turnout than hoped for, so we needed to find some ways to increase attendance. Tabling was one approach. We were able to obtain some tabling supplies for our school choice meeting from the organization School Choice Week, including scarves, rack cards, and a banner. We obtained several signups and engaged passersby in conversation about the shortcomings of the public school system.

One of our most successful changes this semester has been introducing movie nights. YAL at UF usually hosts general body meetings every other week, but recently we have been holding liberty-themed movie nights in the off weeks to draw in members who are more motivated by fun, social gatherings. It’s also a great way to keep regular members involved and in contact with officers on a weekly basis. We let the membership choose a movie by creating a poll on our facebook page, which also helps to foster activity and discussion on our social media.

Our goals for the next month are to plan a conference on the topic of net neutrality, which will be taking place on March 17th. We also want to hold at least one more general body meeting this month, with at least 7 attendees.

YAL Treasurer Cheyanne Durham tables for school choice week
YAL President Tatiana Grower tables for school choice week


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