Spring Club Fair @ Salem College

We started off the semester with a lunch-time tabling event at which we were able to use resources provided by YAL Activism kits such as the Rags to Riches game and Operation Politically Homeless kit.  Positioned at the end of a row of the “political” clubs on campus, the YAL table was widely popular as not only the fun table but also the one in which several students were drawn in for longer conversations beyond simply “Are you a Republican or Democrat?”  

The games were able to draw students in — as were some chocolate goodies we had set out in honor of Valentines Day.  No student was very surprised to find that the United States was not in the first spot, but several were surprised by which and how many countries were more economically free than the U.S. 

Overall, we were successful in gaining new recruits and even making a few people who approached us claiming to know what they believed question themselves after taking the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz.” This tabling opportunity was widely successful and our chapter is now focusing on ways to keep the attention of the students who we were able to introduce to the concept of liberty.

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