Spring Club Fair – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

On Wednesday, February 1st, 2018, members of Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln administered the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to students who were browsing for new clubs to join. Many students were super interested in our political spectrum, which expands beyond a simple right-left spectrum, and wanted to see where they would fall on this new model. Our Director of Student Affairs took the quiz, and landed right next to Bill Clinton on the board. He was so excited to tell us that Bill Clinton was the first presidential candidate he ever voted for. It was interesting to see how cool it was for him to match with a politician he respects. We also had quite a few students fall in the area of “Libertarian,” with several even ranking up with Ron Paul. Overall, we recruited five new members and made many connections with other students, which will help us as the semester moves forward!

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