Spring Events at Longwood University

Our chapter has been very fortunate to belong to a campus community that is accepting, or at least tolerant, of our ideas. Whenever we do events, fellow students come up and show genuine interest. Very rarely do we get another student who is intolerant of our ideas. Overall, The Spring semester has been very successful as we have built interest around campus and have made YAL a regular fixture at Longwood.

We have had our issues with the administration (what else is new?). They did not like our flyer because it had a marijuana leaf on it, certain administrators have become aggravated with our questioning of policy, and they have told us we can not assemble without prior notification. Naturally, we continually challenge them whenever possible.

The first week back on campus we held a YAL tabling event to get sign ups. The following week, we participated in the campus-wide school involvement fair with 100 other student organizations. Our members are also encouraged to attend meetings of other political organizations to build bridges and to show people that even though we all have different ideas, we can all be civil and be chummy.

We have also done the odd pocket Constitution and YAL policy information hand outs either in the dinning hall or around campus. We look forward to working with both the College Republicans and College Democrats in the Incarceration Nation event and hopefully with the upcoming Bring Them Home event!

I can safely speak for every member of the Longwood chapter when I say that YAL is an incredible organization. People like to see the dedication and effort we all make to make our organization the best organization around.

I look forward to seeing all of my fellow SouthEast Beasts and the Charlotte Spring Summit!

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