Spring has sprung, and so has Virginia Tech

Spring comes late in Blacksburg, and unfortunately, so did our recruitment drive. But nothing ever keeps the Young Americans for Liberty at Virginia Tech down for long! While most of our semester has been planning and getting excited for our State Convention (which is happening in less than two weeks!) we always have time for some recruitment.

happy tablers

We were hyped to get out tabling early, and blew through all of our provided ‘Political Philosophy’ quizzes in under an hour and a half. A little bit of that had to do with our prime real-estate, right by one of the most popular dining halls on-campus, but most of it was due to the passion and enthusiasm of our killer members.

Prime real estate. Boom.

The results were interesting, to say the least. Despite the obvious leftist skew, mostly due to the social issues portion of the quiz, we noticed that many people fell into the ‘Statist’ category, almost by accident. The problem was that they didn’t even know what the question was asking, which made them lose points. When they saw their dot on the board, it didn’t mean anything to them that they were at the bottom of the spectrum, and not the top.

But we’re not the type to string you along and never call again. We transcribed the names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers onto an excel spreadsheet, and got a message out to them that night telling them to come to our meetings to learn, discuss, or even challenge our ideas.

While the dots were a little disappointing, we didn’t take it that way; we looked at it a little differently. Now we know exactly what we’re facing: political ignorance with a leftist bias. And although that’s one ugly kind of monster, we’re more than ready to battle it head on.

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