Spring Membership Drive at Brescia University

Brescia University’s YAL chapter held a successful Spring membership drive today, with none other than Ron Paul himself!

Well, kind of. I just happened to have a cutout of the one and only, and decided to dress him up a little bit (check the picture) to lighten the midweek mood on campus! Several people stopped and tool pictures with Ron, but here we have SGA President and one of our YAL chapter’s founding members, Cameron Robinson.

Our chapter had a pretty great day in terms of sign ups and gave out a bunch of constitutions and other materials. The next move is to get those who signed up to St. Louis for our summit in April and to come to our “Liberty Literacy” series, where we go over the basics of what it means to be a liberty minded person.

Brescia’s YAL chapter is gearing up for a busy month of activism in March!

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