Spring Recruitment 2014 @ the University of North Florida

Young Americans for Liberty at UNF has come a long ways since it was first started back in the fall of 2012. From starting off with one person it has grown into a well-recognized club on campus with scores of students signing up and dozens of them coming back to help table, attend a meeting, participate in an activism event or learning and educating classmates on the idea of liberty and winning on principle. 

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We try to table every week to recruit new members and make sure our presence on campus is being felt. We continue to be a club which advocates for peace and liberty.

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One of the ways we generated new members this semester is by using the YAL political quiz. Many students who took it came to find out that they are far more libertarian than they always thought. We try to break the left- right divide that classrooms, news stations and most of society focuses on. We feel that with YAL we are doing just that. Libertarianism is not something that is rarely talked about. It is in fact the fast growing political philosophy and our small test sample of our campus can attest to that.  

more libertarians!!

Here at the University of North Florida we will continue to spread, teach and grow liberty on campus and in classrooms. Our chapter members feel that our generation can stop and reverse the government’s illegitimate attack on our Bill of Rights and individual liberties. Young Americans for Liberty is at the forefront of this fight and we look forward to continuing the trend here at our campus!

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