Spring Recruitment 2014

Despite all the craziness of coming back to school after winter break, Young Americans for Liberty at IUPUI is off to an incredible start this semester. We had an outstanding Recruitment Drive. We tabled almost every day for two weeks straight. We distributed pocket Constitutions and encouraged students to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. In the end, we got about 100 new student signups! 

Tabling 1 

Tabling 2

Despite a decrease in students during the spring semester, we held our call-out meeting and attracted over 10 potential new members!  In addition, everyone who attended the meeting was also given free copies of Morality of Capitalism and Why Liberty.

At the meeting, we went through our mission, values, and the history of Young Americans for Liberty. We emphasized the student activism prospect of our group as well as the social aspect of the group. We also discussed the internship and job opportunities provided by Young Americans for Liberty’s vast network of sponsors and partners.

Even though we’ve only been back for a few weeks, we have already had several exciting socials! After all the hard work of recruiting new members, we figured we deserved some time to relax and enjoy ourselves. For our first social, we went cosmic bowling!  Everyone had a great time and the event was a huge success, with about 13 members in attendance. The new members were able to get to know the returning members better and bond with a few games of bowling. 


For our second social, we had dinner with the group at Crust Pizzeria Napoletana.  We had about 10 members in attendance. We ate, drank, and had great conversation.  


With hard work from our chapter leadership, Young Americans for Liberty at IUPUI is off to an amazing start this year. We are looking forward to making our chapter stronger than ever!

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