Spring Recruitment Activities YAL at SUU

William Jergins giving out the quiz

Our club fair here at Southern Utah University was on the second day of the semester and we started off with an Operation Politically Homeless (our kit arrived the next day). Our volunteering activists, Colby Lyons and Jason Stewart, were both high energy and had a lot of fun.  Many of the students around were having fun with the quiz as well, and two fiancés even discovered they were on the exact opposite side of the Nolan Chart from each other. Unfortunately, we didn’t garner as much attention or attraction as last semester and only gained about five sign-ups. 

Club Fair Participants

We pushed attendance for our opening social, which was the following week, at the club fair mentioning the free books, pizza, and libertarian shenanigans that would ensue therein. We had about seven people in attendance. As we now had our recruitment kit, we gave out quite a few of the books and some of the magazines by pick a number games. This went over extremely well and the new members in attendance were really surprised we were organized and funded well enough to be able to give away so many free books and pizza. I believe that created a strong positive air of legitimacy, and those who came out have been showing up when they can since.

World's Smallest Political Quiz

Our last recruitment activity of the semester was a free speech wall. Colby Lyons and Michael Ginsburg carried the day with this one. We used the books and magazines from the recruitment kit, but decided not to use the Nolan Chart as we had just done Operation Politically Homeless a few weeks prior. Free speech walls are always a hit, and we generated a lot of interest. We got five more sign-ups, and I feel we got a good start to the semester and kicked it off with a bang.

Colby Lyons at Club Fair

Free-Speech Wall Table

Free-Speech Wall

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