Spring Recruitment and Federalism at The University of Utah

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Utah recently tabled at the Spring semester Plazafest. We were able to talk to a lot of students during this event and got several new sign-ups as a result. We also co-hosted an event with The Hinckley Institute of Politics entitled Five Steps to Federalism: Why Shouting for States Rights is Meaningless and How to Really Stop DC. This event was broadcast on our college radio and 30 people came out for it. 

Connor Boyack

The guest speaker was founder and president of Libertas Institute, Connor Boyack. In the presentation, Mr. Boyack identified five steps that would enable the United States to practice federalism in a way that is no longer the case in our modern political scene. He first defined federalism as a system of government in which a constitution divides power among a central government as well as state and regional governments.

The first step to federalism according to Connor is financial independence. States and the people lose when they are dependent on federal aid because they lose control of their financial capabilities. Step two he said was to develop a political spine. States lose when they fail to keep pressing the federal government in letting them exercise their own constitutional authority.

Step three is teamwork. States win when they work together. Efforts of such teamwork were evident in the Resolutions of Virginia and Kentucky during Madison and Jefferson’s time. Step four is eternal vigilance. States must not give up when it comes to preventing federal overreach. Step five is cleanse the inner vessel. States and the people must step up and work to reign in the federal overreach of today whether it be through fighting for nullification abilities or some other course. 

Overall the event was a great turnout. We look forward to the rest of the Spring semester and hosting more events.

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